The traditionally fermented in wooden barrel stands at 99 points each 2018 FEODORA Sauvignac from the winery Galler from the Palatinate at the top! Out of 51 PIWI wines, 8 received gold, 22 gold and 19 silver. You can find the complete results on the website

GrossesGold organic wine price2020


The world's first PAR with 648 organic wines
®- Tasting in virtual space - including 51 wines made from vine-resistant grape varieties

Frasdorf, May 2020 - Like the current daily life, the first of two tastings at the international organic wine price 2020 was influenced by the corona pandemic: It took place in strict compliance with the PAR®-Standards and with the help of 28 tasters throughout Germany, entirely in virtual space. An organizational challenge*)thanks to the experience of PAR® Certified Master tasters and the established digital infrastructure of WINE System AG, were mastered in the usual quality. The winemakers from all over the world, who did not want to do without the quality competition even in these difficult times, trusted in this. So the PAR®-Jury tasting 648 wines from 18 countries. The number of PIWI wines submitted, with 51 items from six countries, fell slightly as a percentage due to Corona; however, the results are also remarkable this year. Eight out of a total of 58 Grand Gold medals go to organic wines that are made from mushroom-resistant grape varieties.

To give producers more flexibility with regard to the maturity and storage of their submitted wines, the PAR®-Competition 2020 divided into a spring and autumn tasting for the first time. Another advantage: All those international producers who could not participate due to logistical difficulties due to the Corona measures - including many PIWI winegrowers - will have another chance in October. Registration for the autumn tasting is September 25th, 2020.

PIWI winemakers achieve eight times Large Gold, 22 times Gold, 19 times Silver and two recommendations. The traditionally fermented in wooden barrel stands at 99 points 2018 FEODORA Sauvignac from the Galler winery in the Palatinate, at the top of the white wine category; closely followed by 2017 Blanca of the Ploder-Rosenberg winery in Styria - a cuvée made from souvignier gris and muscaris traditionally aged in wooden barrels. In the case of red wines, the 2017 Chrome Island Red from Corlan Vineyard & Farm in British Columbia, Canada, 95 points and gold - an extract-emphasized, unfiltered Maréchal Foch made of wooden barrel. In the dessert wine category, the top rating of 98 points went to the reductive wine barrel 2018 Solaris from the Roth winery in Franconia. The best in class among the rosé wines with 93 points and gold is the 2019 Mitterberg Rosé reductively developed in steel tanks "Planties Rosé" IGT from the St.Quirinus winery in South Tyrol. In the PIWI sparkling wines, the cut 2019 PRINCE NOAH PetNat best from the Baden winery Thomas Harteneck with 87 points and silver - a traditional Pétillant Naturel made from Cabernet Blanc grapes. The PIWIs of the spring tasting 2020 in the ranking: Results 2020 - PIWI wines

To be noted: The results listed above refer to pure PIWI wines. Cuvées, in which PIWIs are combined with traditional varieties, do not appear in this ranking.

Strong participation, unprecedented overall level and new category
The tender for the international organic wine price took place for the first time in 2020 with two dates - each for a spring and an autumn tasting. The reasons for this lie on the one hand in the growing number of participants and thus in quality assurance; on the other hand in the user friendliness already mentioned. Tasting director Martin Darting: "This quality idea seems to convince the winegrowers, because despite the effects of the corona pandemic, the number of participants was surprisingly high and the submitted organic wines on average of unprecedented quality."
In order to be able to meet the enormous stylistic diversity associated with such an international tasting with differentiated ratings, the PAR work
® Certified Master in the jury, in addition to the common categories such as red or white wine, has always had oenological parameters such as oxidation and reduction as well as tradition and modernity. In the current quality competition, these were expanded by three stylistic subcategories: Natural wine, Terroir wine**) and extract-emphasized wine***). A winery that achieved outstanding results with PIWI wines in all three categories Ploder-Rosenberg in Styria, with a total of six large gold medals.

You can find the complete ranking and rating sheets at

additional information

*) For the online tasting at the international organic wine price 2020, the tasters were thematically assigned, anonymized and numbered according to climatic, stylistic and analytical parameters before they were unpacked on site and presented to the jurors in a fixed order. A new situation also for the tasters, who nevertheless achieved the high reproduction of the PAR® results thanks to defined tasting standards.
**) Terroir-related wines: The term “terroir” is defined by the factors of location, climate, variety and people. A terroir wine is less characterized by compliance with special sensory characteristics or taste standards, but rather by the fact that it reflects these four units. The PAR® method focuses primarily on the climatic characteristics, which can be shown oenologically by choosing the right grape variety. With the division of the styles into "modern" and "traditional" - here, among other things, the reductive or oxidative vinification plays a role - PAR® ensures in the assessment that the often named "philosophy of the winemaker" is correctly assigned. A wealth of experience, verification and defined standards help the PAR® examiners to make the right decision.

The Terroir wines of the spring tasting 2020 in the ranking: Results 2020 terroir wine

***) Extract-related wines: This new category at the international organic wine price brings together wines that, regardless of their origin, impress with their density and sensory expression.

The extract-emphasized wines of the spring tasting 2020 in the ranking: Results 2020 - extract-emphasized wines

Background information:

The PAR® rating: Thanks to the transparency of the internationally recognized sensory test system PAR, each submitted organic wine receives a comprehensible and objective documentation of its sensory and oenological properties, which is always assessed in terms of the originality, origin and design. The PAR® training enables the qualified jury "PAR® Certified Masters" mostly oenologists, IHK-certified sommeliers and correspondingly qualified wine experts to evaluate each wine neutrally and to exclude personal preferences or pre-made opinions regarding the "good taste" from the evaluation. In the context of modern oenology, new, international wine styles experience their appreciation and acceptance as do traditionally produced wines. In addition to the attention that the wine price brings, many producers appreciate the insightful analysis that underlies the PAR® evaluation. They show exactly which criteria led to the respective result and provide valuable information for the quality management of the wines. The system guarantees an objective evaluation in the PAR® 100-point scheme, which is based on comprehensible documentation.

The WINE System AG, founded in 1999, with a comprehensive and informative wine database is the basis for the PAR evaluation system developed by Martin Darting and a competent partner for winegrowers, retailers and specialist audiences in the field of wine and sensor technology. Well-known competitions for sensory products such as wine, bread, olive oil, cheese etc. such as the international organic wine price, the PAR Wine Award International, the Demeter bread price and many smaller competitions have been taking place since 2019 under the direction of the board members Martin Darting and Brigitte Wüstinger. The database with over 40,000 wines is valued by experts as a comprehensive information portal and serves as an important tool in many areas.


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