Honestly, what is the problem with the PIWIs?
Why do most winemakers struggle to grow these new vines?
There are many reasons for it, none against it!

Connoisseurs and those who call themselves that do not see any differences in blind samples. In other words, the varietal typicality that doesn't exist anyway (Riesling is Riesling = nonsense - the Palatinate's advertising slogan) is even less common with the new varieties! The aroma is clearly and significantly influenced by humidity, solar radiation and temperature (Hoppmann) and only about 20% by the variety itself, not to mention the differently grafted vines. Yes, that’s what makes up the sensor technology!

In addition, the more or less meaningful different expansion methods are much more influential than the poor vine itself, which has to serve here as an undeserved debt buck. It is a fact! Of course nobody says! Who wants to get in trouble with their colleagues or be looked at stupidly, or worse, excluded and ridiculed? Dare to try something new has always had to do with courage!
So, dear colleagues, these are no reasons not to grow Piwis, because the consumer is concerned with completely different attributes when he likes or buys a wine, but more about that another time. He wants it to be tasty! This time it is also not the consumer who could be used as a bogeyman who opposes it! He thinks the advantages that are associated with the new vines and wines are mostly good!
Fewer pesticides, fewer crossings, over the already battered and compacted soil, better CO2 balance, you save a lot of money and time ... what more do you need?
If you now switch to foliage pruning and vine pruning (O or minimal pruning), you almost only have to harvest. Cool, right? (I can already see some eyebrows go up)
And the stuff tastes good too, gets gold and big gold at recognized awards! Of course there are grouches everywhere: we don't know, we don't want to, we don't do it! If they had their way, we would still be sitting in trees today.

So we drink for our grandchildren, if you don't have any, to the children of this world, to the environment, to the future (at least something positive here) ... do something good with every sip of nature.
It has never been so easy to take on ecological responsibility without having to go “organic”. Even legislation and science play their part and even support them.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Martin greets you
Source: Martin Darting - WINE System

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