6 excellent wines from Switzerland

Organic wine Schwab - Switzerland

Solaris 2020 - Sitenrain organic winery, Meggen (LU) -> 94 points
Grape variety: Solaris - Expansion: steel tank - Organic certificate: BioSuisse

Johanniter 2020 - Sonnenberg winery, Kriens (LU) -> 90 points
Grape variety: Johanniter - Expansion: steel tank - Organic certificate: BioSuisse

Johanniter 2020 - Diroso winery, Tutmann (VS) -> 89 points
Grape variety: Johanniter - Expansion: steel tank - Organic certificate: none

Regent Barrique 2018 - Viticulture Festiguet, Ligerz (BE) -> 95 points
Grape variety: Regent - Aging: stainless steel and barrique - Organic certificate: BioSuisse

Chamboursin 2018 - borghirolovini, Sessa (TI) -> 94 points
Grape variety: Chambourcin - Aging: stainless steel and barrique - Organic certificate: none

Cabernet Jura 2018 - Stegeler winery, Berneck (SG) -> 94 points
Grape variety: Cabernet Jura - Aging: wooden barrel and barrique - Organic certificate: none

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12 pack Württemberg - Wine basket Singer - Bader

Something is happening in the country! New grape varieties conquer tastes. See for yourself. These twelve wines were chosen by PIWI-International as the winning wines in Württemberg.

1. 2019 Cabernet Blanc sparkling wine, 11.5% vol. Sparkling wine bA, Bernhard Ellwanger winery GbR, Rebenstrasse 9, 71384 Weinstadt-Großheppach.
2. Sauvignac sparkling wine dry, Erlenbacher Keyberg, 12% vol. Sparkling wine bA
3. 2020 Sauvignac PAC NAT - Pet Nat, Erlenbacher Keyberg, 13,5% vol. German sparkling wine, bottled from the estate Martin Schropp Winery, Strassenäcker 1, 74235 Erlenbach-Binswangen.
4.2020 Cabernet Blanc dry, 12.5 % vol. German wine, Bioland DE-ÖKO-006, bottler: Lanz, Sonnenbichlstr. 8, 88149 Nonnenhorn.
5. 2019 Cabernet Blanc Auslese semi-sweet, 13% vol. German predicate wine, Kuhnle Winery GBR, Hauptstr. 49, 71384 Weinstadt.
6. 2020 Novum Cuvée white (Sauvignier Gris, Sauvignac, Muscaris) dry, 12%vol. German quality wine, Lembergerland winery Rosswag eG, 71665 Vaihingen.
7. 2019 Cabernet Cortis Rosé, 13% vol. German quality wine, Gemmrich winery GBR, Löwensteinerstr. 34, 71717 Beilstein.
8. 2018 Pinotin Rosé Saigner, Leingarten Grafenberg, 10.5% vol. German quality wine from experimental cultivation
9. Satin Noir dry, Leingartener Grafenberg, 12% vol. German quality wine aged in barriques, spontaneously fermented, bottled unfiltered, Ecovin DE-ÖKO 022, D&M winery Weinreuter GBR, Riedhöfe 2, 74211 Leingarten.
10. 2019 Novum Cuvée red (Regent + Satin Noir) dry, 12%vol. German quality wine, Lembergerland winery Rosswag eG, 71665 Vaihingen.
11. 2018 Regent dry, German quality wine, Perfume of the earth GBR, Hauptstr. 42, 71394 Weinstadt.
12th Piwi Wine Award 2020 Award: 2019 Cabertin dry, 14% vol. German quality wine, Singer-Bader Winery, Rosenstr. 1, 71404 Korb.

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Lusatian winning wines of the PIWI Wine Award 2021

Jens Dehner | Lausitzer-Weinfreunde.de |

As every year, the PIWI International Wine Award was presented again in 2021. Winegrowers from all over Europe have the opportunity to compare their wines, but also sparkling wine, and have them rated by internationally recognized wine experts. Of course, as the name suggests, only wines made from Piwi grape varieties are permitted. It is tasted according to the internationally recognized tasting scheme PAR, under the direction of Martin Darting. At www.Lausitzer-Wein.de there are now limited wine packages with the Lausitz winners of the Piwi International Wine Award 2021. You can therefore exclusively get to know these award-winning wines from the world of Piwis here.

You can find out more about the Piwi Wine Award 2021 here.

WeinWobar - Sekt JACques "brut nature" - 90 points

As with the fermentation process in the champagne process, the Großräschener sparkling wine JACques has remained on the fine yeast for 25 months; the second fermentation takes place in the original bottle. The characteristics of drinking flow, lightness, seriousness and a long-lasting perlage shape the character. The basic sparkling wine Pinotin brings the color rosé, the fine aromas similar to a Riesling sparkling wine we owe to the Johanniter basic sparkling wine. à votre santé!

WeinWobar - Cabernet blanc 2020 dry - 95 points

The wine is reminiscent of the elegant Sauvignon Blanc in terms of smell and taste. Complex aromas of tropical fruits such as mango and passion fruit are accompanied by nuances that are reminiscent of green peppers and elderflower. The wine has a full body and is very long-lasting on the finish. As a meal companion, it goes well with white meat and fish. A great wine that promises full enjoyment even as a solitaire

WeinWobar - Pinotin 2018 from the oak barrel, dry - 89 points

The wine captivates with its ruby red color and its scent convinces with the fruity aroma of black cherry and dark forest berries. The storage in oak barrels enhances the particularly velvety soft impression on the palate, which is accompanied by a hint of vanilla, the finish is very long-lasting. As a meal companion, it goes ideally with beef and game dishes, pasta and spicy cheese.

Winery Patke - Regent Rosé 2020, dry - 86 points

This wine already impresses in the glass with its salmon-pink hue. In the nose it presents itself fresh with a fine berry aroma. The taste is creamy, velvety and juicy and is characterized by aromas of raspberries. Despite its lightness, this rosè wine has a nice finish and goes perfectly with summer or a light meal such as salads or seared poultry dishes.

Winery Patke - Johanniter 2020, dry - 86 points

This wine, equipped with white gold reflections, captivates on the nose with a bouquet of pineapple and ripe yellow pear. It is fruity on the tongue, with a subtle and balanced finish. It goes perfectly with steamed sea and freshwater fish, boiled or lightly fried meat, poultry or vegetarian dishes.

WeinWobar - Pinotin Rosé 2020, dry - 84 points

The beautiful rose color is accompanied by the scent of red fruits. Aromas of fresh fruit and berries characterize this light summer wine, which is harmoniously balanced in taste. An ideal accompaniment to fish, poultry and cheese as well as salads with fruity ingredients.

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Meeting point wine

"PIWI trial package white by PAR® Wine Award 2021"

In harmony with nature - fungus-resistant grape varieties are not only sustainable but also trendy! Experience characterful, lively wines!

Package with 3 white wines, 0.75 l each

"Planties Weiss" Mitterberg Weiss IGT 2020
St. Quirinus winery - Italy - South Tyrol
Aromera, Johanniter, Bronner IGT dry 0.75 l
Award: Silver International PIWI Wine Award 2021 (88 points) Alcohol: 13.50 vol.% Expansion: Stainless steel ...

Cabernet Blanc 2020
Marin Schropp Winery - Württemberg
Cabernet Blanc, German quality wine dry 0.75 l
Award: Gold International PIWI Wine Award 2021 (90 points) Alcohol: 14.20 vol.%

Johanniter semi-dry 2020
Wine Wobar - Brandenburg - Großräschener See
Johanniter, PGI off-dry 0.75 l
The scent of the Riesling-like wine is characterized by fruit aromas. The taste is pleasantly fruity and has a lively and filigree ...
Award: Silver International PIWI Wine Award 2021 (88 points)

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Package with 3 sparkling wines, 0.75 l each

Quirinus Brut metodo classico 2016
Johanniter, Aromera, Bronner Vino spumante di qualita dry 0.75 l
St.Quirinus - Italy - Alto Adige / South-Tirol
Award: Silver International PIWI Wine Award 2020 (87 points)

Quirinus Brut Rosé metodo classico 2017
Chambourcin, Vino spumante di qualita dry 0.75 l
St.Quirinus - Italy - Alto Adige / South-Tirol
Award: Gold International PIWI Wine Award 2020 (90 points)

Muscaris, aromera VSQ sweet 0.75 l
Le Carline - Italy - Veneto - Lison Pramaggione
Award: Gold International PIWI Wine Award 2021 (91 points)

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Kaiserstuhl wines made from PIWI grape varieties

not a winning package but interesting wines:

Assortment of wines made from modern grape varieties

Helios, Souvignier Gris, Cabito Rosè Cuvèe, Prior, Cabernet Carbon and Muscaris sweet.

Modern grape varieties will win in the future because, in addition to having a modern taste, they are also important from an ecological point of view. The selection shows some exciting wines from three different winemakers.

The wines contain sulphites

6x 0.75 ltr