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New website Quality management | #Blindflug #PiWiChallenge

Dear PIWI friends,

"A new PIWI star is born" - at the turn of the year has become the 9th regional group of PIWI-International PIWI Switzerland founded, officially you call yourself "PIWI-CH". We congratulate and will be happy to support you in your pioneering work for the new environmentally friendly PIWI grape varieties.

New website

PIWI-International will soon have a new website. Let yourself be surprised!
In order to populate the page with a lot of information and pictures, we are also happy to receive messages from you, such as appointments about events with PIWI wines, press articles and pictures (with author and free for publication)
Please send everything to:

Quality management

"The quality of PIWI wines does not differ from our classic grape varieties" - this is the opinion of Martin Darting from the PAR-System during his lecture "Quality Management" at our board meeting in January in Prien. In wine marketing, the focus is shifting more and more from the grape variety towards “terroir”, ie the origin of the wines. It is therefore important to include the new PIWI grape varieties in the new Roman wine classification system. We are working on this together with our 9 regional associations.
There will be a workshop on the subject in November - more details on our new website soon.

#Blindflug #PiWiChallenge

Felix Bodmann aka The Schnutentunker publishes on his page Podcasts under the motto "blind flight". Blindflug 43 is titled "What's Good for Organic Wine?". Here Felix and Sascha try an organic wine and a PIWI wine and talk about it. At the end they call out to the #piwichallenge: the listeners should buy PIWI wine, blindly taste it with friends, take a picture of it and publish it with the hashtags #piwichallenge #blindflug on Facebook and Instagram. Wines will be raffled at the end of the year for 50 or more participants. Listen to the podcast and spread the word about the challenge on social media.
Don't forget #piwiinternational!

many Greetings

PIWI International eV - in March 2020

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