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New PIWI book by Fredi Strasser

Our PIWI and organic pioneer Fredi Strasser from Switzerland writes in his new book about soil, vine, care, viticulture, PIWI breeding and biodiversity. Franziska Löpfe describes the decisive experiences in building the PIWI movement and the philosophy of Fredi Strasser. Jürg Willimann took wonderful photos of life on the winery with his camera. The author has taken great pains to present the many experiences, research results and technical contexts in a lively, easily understandable way, but to present everything so professionally that it can inspire wine lovers as well as wine experts.
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the book can be ordered from specialist retailers with ISBN no. 978-3-258-08187-8

Slow Food Germany - online PIWI tasting

On July 3, 2020, Slow-Food Germany and Ecovin Baden tasted PIWI wines as a webinar at an online tasting. The speakers provided expert information on breeding, variety change, history of breeding and much more. The overwhelming interest in PIWI wines confirms our work at PIWI-International. Slow-Food Magazin Deutschland published a detailed article about this PIWI tasting in its September issue under the title “Future music in sustainable viticulture”.
The content with reading samples of the magazine is available here:

Wine competitions for PIWI grape varieties

The current results of the wine competitions for PIWI wines show the high quality that has already been achieved. They offer the consumer many opportunities to convince themselves of the new taste experiences of the new grape varieties.
BEST OF PIWI AUSTRIA: New / innovative grape varieties 2020
The regional group PIWI Austria has been offering a PIWI wine award among the Austrian PIWI winemakers since 2019. The competition was held for the second time in August 2020. The increase from 130 to 160 participants shows the great interest in environmentally friendly cultivation of PIWI vines in Austria.
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This already traditional PIWI wine competition from the State Viticulture Institute in Freiburg is held every summer. This year 180 PIWI wines from Europe took part in the categories of PIWI varietal wines and cuvées.
You can see the results here.
PIWI Wine Trophy and an article about PIWI grape varieties from Falstaff
The September issue of the “Falstaff” wine and gourmet magazine devoted itself to PIWI wines. As part of a PIWI Trophy, Falstaff selected various PIWI winemakers and emphasized that wines made from fungus-resistant grape varieties make sustainability tangible in viticulture and thus meet the spirit of the times. The variety of wines and the new sensory journey of discovery through PIWIs also illustrate how exciting enjoyment can be without environmental sins. We congratulate all our PIWI International members again for this award! Source: Falstaff Germany, Falstaff Austria and Falstaff Switzerland.
Viticulture without pesticides? What sounds like a pipe dream could now become a reality. Thanks to new grape varieties that are immune to fungi and still make good wines. A big step towards sustainable viticulture.
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The international PIWI wine award is currently running!
Registration Deadline October 23rd, 2020

Piwi Medals 2020

New grape varieties approved!

The new grape varieties go a long way before they are approved as quality wine. The core is washed out of the grapes produced by manual pollination. The plant from the seedling then has to prove itself until after several attempts and crossings a wine is obtained that meets the quality requirements and the resistance requirements. It can sometimes take decades until the "number" that has shaped his life so far is given a name. We are all the more pleased that VB Cal 6-04 has now been named SAUVIGNAC wearing:
Other brand new PIWI grape varieties are called SAUVITAGE, CALARDIS BLANC or CALARDIS MUSQUÉ.

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