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International PIWI Wine Award tastes 413 wines from 15 countries

The international PIWI Wine Award 2020 was again a complete success.
A total of 42 great gold, 175 gold and 161 silver were awarded. 27 PAR® Certified Master tasters throughout Germany *), supported by the established digital infrastructure of WINE System AG, ensured the usual quality and traceability of the results.
With 170 wines submitted, Germany is the most strongly represented wine country in the 2020 tasting, followed by Switzerland, Italy and Austria, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Slovakia and France.

In terms of style and quality, the range in 2020 was enormous. A look at the medal table, for example, shows that the qualitative middle field has shrunk compared to previous years. Head of tasting Martin Darting: “Especially in the south, winemakers have had to deal with extraordinary heat and drought in recent years. In the first year the vines still do well; if such years are repeated, this has sensory consequences for the grapes. That caused a lot of problems, especially because there is a lack of centuries of experience in Piwi cultivation that Riesling producers, for example, can fall back on. "

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Column - What I always wanted to say ...

Honestly, what is the problem with the PIWIs? Why do most winemakers struggle to grow these new vines?
There are many reasons for it, none against it! Connoisseurs and those who call themselves that do not see any differences in blind samples. So the varietal typicality that doesn't exist anyway (Riesling is Riesling = nonsense - the Palatinate's advertising slogan) is even less common with the new varieties! The aroma is significantly influenced by humidity, solar radiation and temperature (Hoppmann) and only about 20% by the variety itself, not to mention the differently grafted vines. Yes, that’s what makes up the sensor technology!

Source: Martin Darting - WINE System
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PIWI Germany is founded!

On December 3, 2020, the regional group PIWI Germany eViGr. to be launched. PIWI Germany starts with 21 founding members and 8 board members. The chairman is Anderas Dilger from Freiburg i. Br., His deputy Dr. Cornelia Wobar from Großräschen / Brandenburg. Gisela Wüstinger is responsible for finances and membership administration, while secretary Marion Rockstroh-Kruft is responsible. The assessors are Anja Gemmrich, Barbara Richter, Martin Schropp, Christian Seybold and Andreas Stutz.
The preliminary website with membership application can be found at:

General meeting of PIWI International eV in November 2020

Change of leadership in the board of directors
The year 2020 has more or less turned all of our lives upside down and provided us with new challenges. So we had to cancel our annual PIWI wine tour and our general meeting could not take place as a face-to-face event. However, the year 2020 also brought new paths and possibilities, so we would never have thought that we could hold our general meeting digitally.
On November 28th, 37 participants from Germany, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland took part in the digital gathering. The most important item on the agenda was the election of the board of directors, the treasurer and the president.
The new board:
Alexander Morandell (Italy) President
Jiri Sedlo (Czech Republic) | Vice President
Christian Waltl (Austria) | Cashier
Bea Steinemann (Switzerland) | Secretary
Frantisek Madl (Czech Republic)
Wolfgang Renner (Austria)
Josef Engelhart (Germany)
Andreas Dilger (Germany)

Congratulations to the new chairman and board of directors and a big thank you to Katja Galler, Bruno Bosshardt and Hanno Maier for their many years of commitment to PIWI International. We would also like to express our thanks to our long-standing branch manager Susanne Sommer, she is saying goodbye to maternity and parental leave.

"We want to go step by step towards internationalization," said Alexander Morandell in his brief greeting after his election as the new President of Piwi International. The 50-year-old from Bolzano will take over the office of Josef Engelhart, who will remain as a board member of the international working group for the promotion of fungus-resistant grape varieties. Morandell has been working intensively with Piwis since 1999 and has been active in selection, variety breeding and advice in the nursery for 20 years. "Besides the internationalization I want to strengthen the club, provide quick and uncomplicated solutions as well clear rules for the Cultivation of Piwi grape varieties use ", said the South Tyrolean.

Survey on the PIWI term

As part of the Vitifit project a survey on various PIWI terms is carried out. The survey only works for readers from Germany
Poll link:

Winter in the vineyard-9408

Winter in the vineyard of Marion Rockstroh-Kruft

We wish all PIWI friends, lovers and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a good start to a healthy new PIWI year.

Your team from
PIWI International eV - in December 2020

On my own behalf

The association stands and falls with its members, so we look forward to every new member. You can find the membership application here!

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