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Organic farm Adam family
Austria - Styria

Our farm is located at about 600 m above sea level in the middle of the steep hills of the "Südsteiermark" nature park. ... more

E. u. A. Behringer OHG
Germany - Baden

Over 125 years, four generations, a long tradition in the preparation of wine, a success ... more

Bergsträßer Winzer eG
Germany - Hessische Bergstrasse

Bergsträßer Winzer eG in Heppenheim, with 265 hectares, is the largest wine-producing company in ... more

Le Carline
Italy - Veneto - Lison Pramaggione

Here your eyes caress the air, savour every season and feel the pleasure on this ever-giving country ... more

Chiquet-Les vins
Switzerland - Northern Switzerland

Ecological viticulture on the Farnsberg and Sunnenberg. Respect for nature, interest in biodi ... more

Domein Hof te Dieren, wijngaard
Netherlands - Gelderland

Biggest walled vinyard (clos) of The Netherlands on the edge of the Veluwe and the IJssel-river. ... more

Dilger Winery
Germany - Baden

Winery in the city. The winery is located in the middle of the traditional Freiburg city ... more

Diroso winery
Switzerland - Valais - Upper Valais

We are an innovative Valais family business and have been combining traditional winemaking ... more

Doktores Töpfer Winery
Germany - Palatinate

Our goal is wines full of character that will be remembered. Handcrafted with friends and family ... more

Forster Winery
Germany - Nahe

We have been cultivating our vineyards ecologically since 1994 in order to preserve what we can ... more

Galler winery
Germany - Palatinate

Since 2015 we converted into an organic winery. The result of this deliberate choice is natural, und ... more

Gallushof Winery
Germany - Baden

We use all our passion, energy and skills every year to bring forth ... more

Gemmrich winery and distillery
Germany - Württemberg

A small personal family winery in Württemberg. The Gemmrich family cultivates ... more

Italy - Veneto

The 2013 is the beginning of a new adventure for the Giannitessari. Headed by Gianni Tessari a well- ... more

Viticulture Golden Goose
Germany - Baden

We are a small winery in Dielheim with vineyards between Rauenberg and Dielheim am Über ... more

Ecological wine & sparkling wine Norbert Helde
Germany - Baden - Kaiserstuhl

Rich in tradition, ecological, quality-oriented. These three characteristics determine our daily ... more

Castle estate Hohenbeilstein
Germany - Württemberg

The Schlossgut Hohenbeilstein has been inextricably linked with the name Dippon since Senior Eberhard Di ... more

Organic viticulture Knechtle Glogger
Switzerland - St. Gallen

At Buechberg in Thal, Fabia Knechtle Glogger and René Glogger practice consistent organic viticulture from ... more

Wine & distillery to the crown
Switzerland - German Switzerland

Leonhard Weine Linsenmeier
Germany - Baden - Markgräflerland

Wine enjoyment out of love for nature - excellent top quality wines of European format. Cultivation of ... more

Louis Klein GBR winery
Germany - Moselle

In our organic farm, we also cultivate various types of piwi in addition to classic grape varieties. From ... more

Weinbau Meyer
Switzerland - Lucerne

Specialty wine-growing business with two independent pillars: Weinbau Meyer al ... more

Thomas Niedermayr Hof Gandberg
Italy - Alto Adige / South Tyrol

For Thomas Niedermayr, the process begins at the origin. In the ground. Mother Earth herself. Just a ... more

Organic viticulture Peter Paradeiser
Austria - Wagram

We understand organic viticulture as a passion and cultivate it in harmony with nature. Since the ... more

Organic wine yard Alfred Paradeiser
Austria - Wagram

Our great love, viticulture, can be documented in our family until 1615 ... more

Perlage Organic Wines
Italy - Treviso

Since the establishment of the winery at the beginning of the last century, a great deal of experience has ... more

La Cantina Pizzolato SRL
Italy - Veneto

Five generations of history and traditions, a long commitment of organic production since '80s ... more

Italy - Alto Adige / South Tyrol

Rammersweier wine cooperative
Germany - Baden - Ortenau

In 1926 the local winegrowers merged and founded the winegrowers' cooperative R ... more

Austria - Styria

WINE BY PLODER - ROSENBERG The Ploder - Rosenberg winery is situated in St. Peter in the Styri ... more

Eco farm Ruesch Buggingen
Germany - Baden - Markgräflerland

Our farm with the associated vineyards, arable land and meadows is located in the Markgräflerland, a ... more

Klaus and Susanne Rummel winery
Germany - Palatinate

There are no ways to be happy is the way. Buddha Dear Wine Lover, Dear ... more

Weinbau Ruppert
Germany - Franconia

We are a small family business that is driven and operated by two idealists. What un ... more

Schödler Winery
Switzerland - Aargau

We are an innovative family business and produce our wines with a lot of passion and ... more

Schönhals Winery
Germany - Rheinhessen

Our winery is located in the heart of Rheinhessen. The vineyards are located around Biebelnheim. Fruit ... more

Stairs n 'Roses
Germany - Moselle

Stairs n 'Roses Next Generation. Into the next generation of viticulture. Kinh has been growing ... more

Bio.Weingut Othmar Sanin
Italy - Alto Adige / South Tyrol

In the south of South Tyrol - in the old wine village Margreid on the wine route - there lies the little "an ... more

Italy - Alto Adige / South Tyrol

Viticulture Anja Stritzinger Klingenberg
Germany - Franconia

In this city steeped in history is our organic winegrowing company that was founded in 1972 with the ... more

Weingärtner Stromberg-Zabergäu eG
Germany - Württemberg

At the Stromberg-Zabergäu vineyards, vineyards from Brackenheim, Neipperg, Haberschla ... more

Terre di Ger
Italy - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Thomas Walk Vineyard, Ireland, Co.Cork
Ireland - Southern Ireland

Thomas Walk Vineyard is a small, privately owned winery in the South of Ireland and not open to the ... more

Weingut Wohlgemuth-Schnürr
Germany - Rheinhessen

Natural resistance! We have put a lot of heart and soul into the future of our vineyards and ... more

Weingut Zähringer GmbH
Germany - Baden - Markgräflerland

Wine culture with nature: organic viticulture in the Zähringer winery. More than in any other gear ... more

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