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Friedrich Kiefer KG
Germany - Baden

Winery description:

Wine and values: Organic viticulture and sustainable, conventional viticulture are the ways on which the Kiefer-Schmidt story is based. The basis for it? The very special relationship between people, passion and nature that has set the direction in viticulture in the Schmidt family for decades.

Organic farming continued to develop and we have now planted 30 % of our own vineyards with robust grape varieties.

Our winegrowers who are not certified organic also operate very progressive and sustainable viticulture. This includes organic fertilization, species-rich and leguminous vegetation between the rows of vines and the avoidance of insecticides, herbicides and botryticides.

Of the 120 winemakers who deliver the grapes to the press, around 100 have so far signed the "Sustainable Viticulture" program newly developed by viticulture engineer Martin Schmidt. The greatest possible renunciation of pesticides and a feeling for the elements of nature must be seen as a future goal for society as a whole.

Our wines
Cabernet Blanc dry - 2020 - Gold Evaluation sheet according to PAR

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