Portrait of PIWIs

PIWIS Cultivation suitability, grape variety characteristics and flavor profiles of selected white PIWI grape varieties.

Text: Barbara Richter (M.Sc.), Hochschule Geisenheim University, Andreas Stutz, Dr. Cornelia Wobar, Gisela Wustinger

The cultivation of new PIWI grape varieties entails [...]

A chance for PIWIs...

PIWIS How producers assess the future prospects for wines made from fungus-resistant grape varieties.

Text and illustrations: M.Sc. Barbara Richter and Prof. Dr. habil. Jon H. Hemp, College [...]

Geisenheim sales analysis

The Geisenheimer digital sales analysis evaluates the sales data from wineries, wineries and cooperatives in order to enable the companies to compare them to other companies and to provide the industry with reliable information. [...]

PIWIs rock the social networks

PIWI wines are becoming more and more popular and more and more friends of good, sustainable enjoyment are looking for ways to find out about PIWI grape varieties and wines. But where can I get some? [...]
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