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Biodiversity hike and 1st general meeting PIWI CH

President Roland Renz
The PIWIs are coming ...

On Tuesday, June 30, 2020, almost 60 people met at the Roland organic wine estate and Karin Lenz on the Iselisberg in Uesslingen. The PIWI CH association, founded in December 19, invited to the first general meeting.

In beautiful summer weather, those present set off on a hike through the vineyards of Uesslingen in the lower Thur Valley (TG). Various stops were made on the way. The enthusiastic organic and PIWI winemaker Roland Lenz (two-time organic winemaker in Switzerland) drew attention to the different vineyards and types of viticulture. In an organic farm, a lot of flowers and herbs, sometimes shrubs, grow between the rows to offer beneficial species a home. FIBL's Bea Steinemann reports on the latest attempts to optimize the seed mix between the rows of vines. The hikers also become aware of the differences between European vines and the newly cultivated PIWI varieties (PIWI stands for fungus-resistant and means “robust in cultivation”, ie little to no spraying against pests and diseases has to be carried out). Of particular interest were the references to missing rows of vines in favor of shrubs, the distance to the next trees or the additional insect hotels, all to promote biodiversity.

Back at the Lenz winery, the hikers were happy about the water break before the actual general meeting began. The PIWI CH association was founded last December as a regional section of the PIWI International umbrella organization. The association's goal is to promote PIWI grape varieties in breeding, cultivation, marketing and enjoyment. The association's activities such as participation in the Agrovina or a planned wine and dine in the well-known Hiltl restaurant in Zurich serve exclusively with PIWI wines with certain new taste experiences. The association also publishes the "PIWI WEIN ZEIT" brochure. The readers are connoisseurs and interested individuals, restaurateurs, traders, winegrowers, breeders and journalists. The first edition of March this year was one of the highlights in President Roland Lenz's activity report for the first half of the year. The meeting was characterized by many votes from the members who participate with commitment in the association.

After the official part, the attendees were able to taste and discuss over 40 different pure PIWI wines. These include various new varieties that only have breeding names, such as VB CAL 1-28 or VB CAL 32-7.

Media contact:

President Roland Lenz
Organic winery Roland and Karin Lenz, Iselisberg, Uesslingen / +41 52 746 13 86

Daniel Schwarz


Board PIWI CH at the general meeting

July 6, 2020|

Registration phase for the 10th International PIWI Wine Award opened   

Press release from WINE System AGPIWI big gold medal

Quality competition for wines made from fungus-resistant grape varieties - virtual PAR®- Tasting from November 14th to 16th, 2020
Registration closes on October 23, 2020

Frasdorf, July 2020 - After WINE System AG launched the PAR with the international organic wine price 2020 for the first time®- The organizers, on behalf of PIWI International eV, have now successfully started the tasting in the virtual room, the starting signal for the first online tasting*) in the history of the International PIWI Wine Award. The registration phase for the anniversary edition of the established quality competition has thus begun. The decision to use this virtual format was made regarding the uncertainty about the further course of the corona pandemic and due to the consistently positive experiences at the premiere in May. Wines made from fungus-resistant grapes are admitted to the competition. Registration closes on October 23, 2020.

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July 1, 2020|

The PIWI Sauvitage variety is approved.

Since April 28, 2020, the mushroom-resistant grape variety Sauvitage has been approved by the Federal Plant Variety Office under seed law. This variety is therefore also approved for the production of quality wine in all growing areas in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Source: The German Wine Magazine 6/2020

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June 17, 2020|

Best of Freiburg Piwi 2020

FreiburgerPIWIThe "Best of Freiburg Piwi" event will also take place this year. However, due to the corona pandemic, in a slightly different form as usual.
The public tasting and the official announcement of the placement of the wines must be dropped.

The selected wines will be tasted and evaluated objectively by a selected jury on July 7th, 2020.

Registration by June 22nd - Wine delivery by June 26th, 2020

State Wine Institute Freiburg

Registration.pdf (288 kB)
June 16, 2020|

Strong PIWI Wines: medal blessing at the spring tasting at the International Organic Wine Award 2020

The traditionally fermented in wooden barrel stands at 99 points each 2018 FEODORA Sauvignac from the winery Galler from the Palatinate at the top! Out of 51 PIWI wines, 8 received gold, 22 gold and 19 silver. You can find the complete results on the website

GrossesGold organic wine price2020


The world's first PAR with 648 organic wines
®- Tasting in virtual space - including 51 wines made from vine-resistant grape varieties

Frasdorf, May 2020 - Like the current daily life, the first of two tastings at the international organic wine price 2020 was influenced by the corona pandemic: It took place in strict compliance with the PAR®-Standards and with the help of 28 tasters throughout Germany, entirely in virtual space. An organizational challenge*)thanks to the experience of PAR® Certified Master tasters and the established digital infrastructure of WINE System AG, were mastered in the usual quality. The winemakers from all over the world, who did not want to do without the quality competition even in these difficult times, trusted in this. So the PAR®-Jury tasting 648 wines from 18 countries. The number of PIWI wines submitted, with 51 items from six countries, fell slightly as a percentage due to Corona; however, the results are also remarkable this year. Eight out of a total of 58 Grand Gold medals go to organic wines that are made from mushroom-resistant grape varieties.


May 21, 2020|

"A new PIWI-star is born" - PIWI-CH was founded

"And there is this moment when you feel that you are in the right place at the right time" ...
(Roland Lenz)Logo-PIWI-CH

Yes, the time to express our enthusiasm for the new robust grape varieties could not be a better one! The PIWIs suddenly focus on the latest topics such as species loss, global warming, the call for more sustainable agriculture, or the search for a long-term solution to the pesticide problem!

And best of all: the wines from these robust varieties have become absolutely socially acceptable!
PIWI wines provide positive wow experiences, especially for younger consumers. And more and more restaurateurs, journalists and curious connoisseurs are discovering the associated new flavors.

Yes, we can make a lasting, positive change to the global wine scene! And the
not only because PIWI's grape production is more compatible with the CO2 and more environmentally friendly.
No, also because enjoying these new creative wines is simply fun and demands more!

With this in mind, our 9th regional group was founded at the beginning of the year: PIWI-CH
More information on this at the Regional site PIWI Switzerland
PIWI wine time March 2020
The first PIWI newspaper deserves special mention: Wein Zeit - enjoy reading.

Read PIWI Wine Time March 2020 (PDF, 3 MB)
May 14, 2020|

Comparison of new varieties - vine cultivation

Article by Martin Ladach, DLR Rheinpfalz in "the German winegrowing 3/20"

Vine breeding - New, robust grape varieties not only save pesticides, but are also an answer to climate change.

Investigated grape varieties:
Sauvignac - Cabernet blanc - Calardis blanc - Muscaris - Satin Noir
Weather history 2019 - maturity course 2019 - yield data 2019 ...

Conclusion: The performance data of the new varieties are convincing. Above all, the stable state of health in the maturity phase is of great advantage. In comparison to the classic grape varieties, putrefaction only becomes a threat much later (two to three weeks), so it can be waited much longer to harvest. All in all a good starting point. It remains exciting to compare the results of the wines that will follow soon and of course to taste them.

To the article (PDF, 5 MB)
April 24, 2020|

New varieties, new ways, new opportunities - PIWI-Forum 2019 at Heilbronn University

Articles by Dr. Lucas Nesselhauf in German wine magazine

New varieties

  • Education with minimal cut in the trellis
  • in marketing - emotions sell wine
  • from the perspective of the vine growers

Successful concepts for new varieties

Conclusion: There is not a solution for everyone, but there is a solution for everyone.

To the article (PDF, 1.6 MB)
December 21, 2019|

Plea for PIWIs - wines with a future

Report in the magazine BIO Aktuell

  • PIWI symposium in Switzerland
  • Organic winemaker Roland Lenz
  • Pioneer Valentin Blattner

René Schulte, editor of BIO Aktuell:

“PIWIs could not only be the future of organic viticulture, they are also of high quality. So skeptics like me should give them a chance. ”

Read magazine (PDF, 4 MB)
August 31, 2019|

Produce residue-free wines with PIWI grape varieties from Valentin Blattner

Valentin Blattner

Valentin Blattner, vine grower, Switzerland Contact:

SATIN NOIR (VB 91-26-29)


The Satin Noir variety comes from 1991 by Valentin Blattner and is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and resistance partners. The variety clearly shows the genetic relationship to Cabernet Sauvignon. The thick berry skin of the small, concentrated aromatic and colorful berries with a loose grape structure are typical of the variety. Also in the vinification, the wines are deep red in a ripe, harmonious Cabernet manner with a ripeness that is about 10 days before the classic grape variety.


August 18, 2019|

Current PIWI grape varieties from HBLA and BA for wine and fruit growing in Klosterneuburg

Donauriesling, Donauveltliner, Muscatel flowers and Pinot nova

Dr. Ferdinand Regner, HBLA Klosterneuburg, Austria


As breeders of the varieties Donauriesling, Donauveltliner, Blütenmuskateller and Pinot nova, we have a range of varieties that have been selected especially under domestic conditions and come very close to their traditional parent varieties. We were able to convince ourselves of the high level of acceptance of these wines in numerous tastings.


August 18, 2019|

Pioneers honored - 20 years of PIWI International

Katrin Wetzig's report in the newspaper Sarganserland

On Saturday, August 10th, 2019 in Quinten in the “Schifflände” the 39 founders of the “Working Group for the Promotion of Mushroom Resistant Vine Varieties”, or “Piwi International” for short, were honored for their 20-year commitment by presenting a certificate.

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August 13, 2019|