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»Irreal Times«: Wine personalities about the mood on the market

What is the balance sheet for the last two years? What is currently on the wish list? And what will the future hold? Falstaff asked around.

Author: Ulrich Sautter asks questions to wine personalities:

Among other things:
What market opportunities do you see for PiWi, Orange and Vinnature?
Can you imagine PiWis in prime locations?

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May 17, 2022|

PIWI Variety Show and Hibernal Forum on May 21, 2022 from 1 p.m. – U Orla, Šardice, Czech Republic

The show of interspecific grape varieties has been held since 2014, with Hibernal being the main variety judged at this event. The wines at this exhibition are rated on a 100-point scale by certified wine tasting experts. The fair will not only exhibit wines from the Czech Republic, both from the wine-growing region of Moravia and Bohemia, but also from Slovakia, Austria, Poland and Germany. The participants of the event will have the opportunity to taste the wines of these varieties in one place. The event will be accompanied by a musical performance of dulcimer music.

May 8, 2022|

PIWI Germany Video as part of the Rheinhessen Sustainability Award

May 7, 2022|

PIWI International lives up to its name more and more!

After we received more and more inquiries from the USA and Canada about PIWI grape varieties, cultivation options and resistances, the board decided to arrange a zoom info meeting.

We informed everyone with whom we had been in contact so far, wrote to protective communities, interest groups and institutes and invited everyone to an online exchange.

The feedback was very encouraging and entirely positive and we were able to register over 40 registrations within a few days!

Many aspects and questions were discussed. ?
Who is PIWI International and in what structure do we work, with special reference to the regional and country groups. General information on PIWIs, breeding, suitability for the North American continent, potential and challenges was also addressed. Of course, with the note that our entire pool of knowledge is available to members.

Fortunately, two participants - each from the USA and Canada - agreed to take matters into their own hands, to be available as contacts for interested future members and to initiate a country group each

We remain in close contact with them and look forward to welcoming two groups of countries across the Atlantic to our international group, hopefully this year.

We are convinced that the topic of PIWIs will receive a great additional impetus, so that the potential PIWIs can offer for the future of viticulture is also recognized worldwide.

So if you have business friends in the USA or Canada who might be interested in supporting our project - please let us know, we'll be happy to put you in touch!

May 7, 2022|

PIWIs are making their way into Spain – with local color!

PIWI International is on course for growth and our new regional group PIWI España is already emerging...

Our new member, the Catalan winery Albet i Noya, is once again a pioneer in the field: having pioneered organic viticulture in Spain in 1978, they are once again one step ahead of the development of the Spanish wine scene.

Since wine producer Josep Maria Albet I Noya first became acquainted with PIWIs in France in the late 90s, his spirit of research and his urge to implement this knowledge in his vineyards have raged in him.

Spain was - and will not be - spared from climate change. His will to experiment with resistant grape varieties was all the stronger.

May 4, 2022|


To our industry, sustainability means growing grapes and producing our world-famous wines in such a way that we can do so for generations to come. The New Zealand Winegrowers Sustainability Report provides a snapshot of our sustainability journey.

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May 2, 2022|

AGROVINA press report

Agrovina 2022 - the balance sheet is mixed

After the leading Swiss trade fair for fruit and wine growing, which takes place every two years, was postponed from January to April due to the corona virus, a drop in visitors and exhibitors had to be expected. Now the fair took place from April 5th to 7th. We look back.

Agrovina in Martigny (VS) opened its doors for the 14th time. According to the organizers, around 12,500 visitors visited the 150 exhibitors at this year's Agrovina. If you look at the numbers, you have to speak of a significant decline: minus 4500 visitors, around 70 fewer exhibitor companies than in 2020. However, this trend was expected in advance, as after the announcement of the postponement, some well-known companies suspended their participation and April for many wine and fruit producers are already busy again. Nevertheless, it was a welcome opportunity for the companies involved to overcome the two-year corona lethargy and get back in physical contact with customers. As several operators unanimously believe, this was necessary in view of the uncertain price development in many areas.

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Source: Obst- und Weinbau - Die Rote - Switzerland

April 28, 2022|

Joint Resolution on the Viticulture Conference. Future. Danube region: future of organic viticulture - chances and risks

Source: International DWV Congress April 13, 2022

Background – strong downy mildew infections in viticulture in many European countries Due to climate change, viticulture in various European countries is increasingly being confronted with extreme weather events and weather conditions that have been stable over a long period of time. The consequences are, on the one hand, more or less long phases of drought (cf. vintage 2015, 2018, 2019 and 2020) and on the other hand - as last year, last year led to the fact that primarily in wine-growing regions of Central and Southern Europe - long phases of heavy precipitation and long-lasting moisture.

April 15, 2022|


Source: German Viticulture Association

April 13, 2022

Germany demands 30 percent organic viticulture, 25 percent organic viticulture demands the EU - Is that realistic with the current circumstances, or as DWV Vice President Thomas roll as moderator the panel discussion in the frame the meeting »Future.Viticulture.Danube Region: Future of Organic Viticulture – Opportunities and Risks« formulated: "Have weather the right tool box, around the organic viticulture future proof to do?" One exciting question, With the itself the profession, which politics and science deal with intensively.



April 15, 2022|

Press release on the Slow Food fair "Market of Good Taste"

Enjoying wine with a clear conscience

Sustainable wines at the Slow Food Fair "Market of Good Taste" in Stuttgart

"Good-clean-fair” is the central motto and the requirement that Slow Food places on food and its production. At the "Market of Good Taste" from 21.-24. April 2022 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center this year, the term "sustainability" will be added to wine.

dr Nina Wolff, Chairwoman of Slow Food Germany eV: “Slow Food Germany was founded 30 years ago. It is time that we sensitize our visitors to sustainably produced wines. Because viticulture has to make its contribution to climate protection and species protection and reduce plant protection. Fungus-resistant grape varieties have a key function here. We want consumers to get acquainted with these high-quality wines and break down reservations.”

Visitors can embark on a taste experience (for most of them completely new). The German regional group of PIWI International is presenting more than 30 wines from resistant grape varieties in Hall 4 at Stand D100.


April 15, 2022|

Benefit from the PIWI boom - podcast from the art of selling wine with Alexander Morandell

In diesem Interview spricht Diego mit dem derzeitigen Präsidenten von PIWI International und Rebveredler Alexander Morandell über das Vermarktungspotenzial der neuen Rebsorten und ihre ökonomischen und gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen auf den Weinbau.

April 2, 2022|

PIWI Germany receives sustainability award

Sustainability Award
Fungus-resistant grape varieties excellent
Sustainability award to PIWI Deutschland eV
The 2022 sustainability prize is awarded to the PIWI Deutschland eV association in the viticulture category. When making its decision, the jury of experts from research, consulting and practice examined the applications for their ecological, social and economic contribution to sustainability. Every year, the award goes to products, developments and services that support winegrowers in their sustainable management. The competition is organized by the Association of Former Oppenheimer Fachschulen (VEO), the Service Center for Rural Areas Rheinhessen-Nahe-Hunsrück (Oppenheim) and Rheinhessenwein eV (Alzey).

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April 2, 2022|
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