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PIWI Austria

Chairman PIWI Austria

Wolfgang Renner (2)

Ing. Oen. Wolfgang Renner
Department 10
Test station for fruit and winegrowing HAIDEGG
Ragnitzstrasse 193
8047 Graz

Tel .: +43 (0) 316/877 - 6614

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PIWIS as a quality and varietal wine in Austria

PIWI grape varieties that can be marketed as quality wine:

  • Flower muscatel
  • Muscaris
  • Rathay
  • Roesler
  • Souvignier gris

PIWI grape varieties that may be placed on the market as grape variety wine *:

  • Bronner
  • Cabernet Blanc
  • Cabernet Jura
  • Donauriesling
  • Donauveltliner
  • Johanniter
  • Pinot Nova
  • regent

* with the name of the variety and the vintage, but without a closer geographical origin (Austria only)

Latest News

PIWI AT: New / innovative grape varieties 2020 - 30 percent more submissions

Graz, August 2020

With an increase in the number of entries by exactly 32% compared to the previous year, the success story of the Austrian wine competition for PIWI varieties continues! Chairman Wolfgang Renner is convinced: "PIWIS can no longer be stopped"!

PIWI AT Wine Award 2020 bottles©Spandl

For the second time the association “PIWI Austria” organized the wine competition “New / innovative grape varieties” for Austrian wines made from fungus-resistant grape varieties. This year there were already an astonishing 146 wines from 64 different companies. As in the previous year, most of the wines came from Styria, which traditionally and climate-related has a larger PIWI area than the other wine-growing federal states. This time, however, the participants from the federal state of Lower Austria made a strong performance. More than a third of all wines submitted came from there and six out of ten categories were won!


August 11, 2020|

Austrian PIWI wine competition "New / Innovative varieties 2020"

Piwi Award 2020 Austria
Conditions of participation

A PIWI wine competition is taking place in Austria for the second time. The tasting will take place on August 6, 2020 at the Haidegg experimental station.

  •  All PIWI grape varieties are permitted, as are cuvées made from PIWI grape varieties.
  •  All classic white and rosé wines are restricted to the 2018 and 2019 vintages. Only wines from Austria are allowed.
  •  All styles are possible (please mark). All wines will be tasted, winners will only be awarded in those categories in which at least 10 wines have been submitted. Companies with category winners must provide PIWI Austria with 6 bottles for presentation purposes free of charge.

    Submission deadline: Registration for participation takes place using a form that can be downloaded from the PIWI-International homepage (under "PIWI Regional"): https: // piwi- The registration form must either be sent to or enclosed with the wines. 3 bottles per wine must be in the

    Experimental station Haidegg, Ragnitzstrasse 193, 8047 Graz

    have arrived.

    Cost: € 25 per wine for members of PIWI Austria or PIWI International, € 50 per wine for non-members. The participation fee must be paid into the account of PIWI Austria no later than August 4, 2020 under the "PIWI Wine Award Austria" purpose. If this is not the case, the wine will be excluded from the evaluation.

    Bank details PIWI Austria: IBAN: AT48 3813 3000 0160 2713, BIC: RZSTAT2G133

    The tasting is done with a trained panel according to the 20-point scheme. Certificates are issued for excellent wines, plaques for the categories "Category Winner", "Gold" and "Silver" can be purchased from PIWI Austria.

Registration form for the Austrian PIWI Wine Prize 2020
June 8, 2020|

PIWI - straw fire or sustainable concept

Interest in mushroom-resistant grape varieties (PIWI) is still high and vine production is booming. The first successes are seen in the sale of some interesting varieties. But can this concept be of sustainable existence?

by Ing. Wolfgang Renner, Trial station fruit and wine growing Haidegg

Read Article (PDF, 3.7 MB)

Article published in FRUIT - WINE - GARDEN, Issue 1/2020

PIWI finishing Austria

Share of PIWI refinements

March 1, 2020|

PIWI workshop with the Sommelier Association Vorarlberg

With the question "PIWIS - The quality wines of the future" a workshop of the Vorarlberg Sommelier Association was held on January 19 in Feldkirch.

As a speaker, Wolfgang Renner, wine officer at the test station Haidegg in the state of Styria and chairman of PIWI Austria, explained the why, what and how of PIWI in a very practical way.

The seminar was supplemented with numerous PIWI wine tasting highest quality from Austria and Germany.

Then the "PIWI marketplace" the opportunity to get to know the wines of regional winemakers on a walk-around tasting.

PIWI Workshop Feldkirch 2020 (1)
January 25, 2020|
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