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The PIWI Lombardia association

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Consiglio dell'associazione

  • Alessandro Sala, Presidente
  • Maurizio Herman Vice -President
  • Devid Stain Segratario-tesoriere
gruppo Piwi Lombardia

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Associazione Piwi Lombardia
Via Valpredina 5
24060 Cenate Sopra (BG)

Latest News

PIWI Lombardia annuncia il PIWI LOMBARDIA ITALIAN TOUR 2022

PIWI Lombardy announces the PIWI LOMBARDIA ITALIAN TOUR 2022
6th-16th May 2022

Cenate Sopra, March 10, 2022 - PIWI Lombardia, the association of Lombardy producers using resistant grape varieties (PIWI), is pleased to announce the first tour in some of the most important Italian cities to present their wines and some gastronomic delights of the Lombardy region .

PIWI stands for "fungus-resistant vines". These varieties are also known as "super organic" because they allow the highest quality wines to be produced without harming the environment. They allow viticulture that is essentially free of fungicides, thus protecting the people who work in the vineyards, the soil and the end users.

PIWI Lombardy is the only PIWI regional association in the world that has an ecological basis.

The tour consists of seven stations in the cities of Bergamo, Pisa, Florence, Naples, Rome, Modena and Milan, where the same number of personal tastings take place.


March 12, 2022|

L'Eco di Bergamo con tutti i produttori lombardi!

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L'Eco di Bergamo con tutti i produttori lombardi!
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Piwi Lombardia

November 27, 2020|
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