Winery - detailed view


Abthof Winery
Germany - Rheinhessen

Weingut Abthof Herbert and Martin Koch Sales / opening times: Mon-Fri. 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., Mon-Thurs 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. ... more

Hof van Baarle
Netherlands - Noord-Brabant

Vineyard in the south of the Netherlands, with a Belgian enclave in the vineyard. ... more

Viticulture Barmet & Zihler
Switzerland - Central Switzerland

E. u. A. Behringer OHG
Germany - Baden

Over 125 years, four generations, a long tradition in the preparation of wine, a success ... more

Bergsträßer Winzer eG
Germany - Hessische Bergstrasse

Bergsträßer Winzer eG in Heppenheim, with 265 hectares, is the largest wine-producing company in ... more

Domaine de Beudon "les vignes dans le Ciel"
Switzerland - Valais - Lower Valais (fr) ... more

Boos winery
Germany - Baden - Kaiserstuhl

Bosshart + Grimm organic vineyards
Switzerland - German Switzerland

Foehn-spoiled vineyards on Lake Walen, Quinten, Walenstadt, Flums and Sargans. The goal is to ... more

Weingut Brüder Dr. Becker GbR
Germany - Rheinhessen

The small family winery is located on the slope of the Rheinterrassen. For us it is an exciting and ... more

Italy - Alto Adige / South Tyrol

Le Carline
Italy - Veneto - Lison Pramaggione

Here you can enjoy every season and feel the joy of this everlasting land, which is ... more

Winery Helmut Christ GbR
Germany - Franconia

We cultivate 14 hectares of vines and 2 hectares of fruit on the Mainschleife, the center of the Franconian vineyard ... more

Dilger Winery
Germany - Baden

Winery in the city. The winery is located in the middle of the traditional Freiburg city ... more

Doktores Töpfer Winery
Germany - Palatinate

Our goal is wines full of character that will be remembered. Handcrafted with friends and family ... more

Doreas Winery
Germany - Württemberg-Remstal

Drexler-Leeb Winery
Austria - thermal region

Drexler-Leeb winery - tradition and progress Perchtoldsdorf in Lower Austria is an idyllic ... more

Viticulture Emmenberg
Switzerland - Central Switzerland

Viticulture Festiguet
Switzerland - Western Switzerland - Lake Biel

Organic winery Forsthof
Germany - Württemberg

Here on the Forsthof, between forest and meadows, we have been following the tradition for generations ... more

BioWeinbau Johannes Friedberger
Austria - Weinviertel

In addition to the traditional Friedberger Buschenschänke, an organically managed per ... more

Fuchs-Jacobus winery
Germany - Nahe

The winery is managed by Marlene and Wilfried Jacobus in a biodynamic manner (Demeter). The W ... more

Kobatl organic farm
Austria - Styria

Kobatl Biohof Vino la [R] evolution We are working with 100% mushroom-resistant vine-sor ... more

Gemmrich winery and distillery
Germany - Württemberg

A small personal family winery in Württemberg. The Gemmrich family manages 7.5 h ... more

Italy - Veneto

The 2013 is the beginning of a new adventure for the Giannitessari. Headed by Gianni Tessari a well- ... more

Viticulture Golden Goose
Germany - Baden

We are a small winery in Dielheim with vineyards between Rauenberg and Dielheim at the transition ... more

Groiß winery
Austria - Wagram

Our medium-sized business is located on Wagram, in the Wagram wine-growing region. The loess slopes of the Wagram ... more

Italy - Alto Adige / South Tyrol

Gschwind viticulture
Switzerland - German Switzerland

Gyukli Winery
Hungary - Balatonfüred-Csopak

The history of the family company begins around 1983. Back then the exciting winter ... more

Wine growers' association Hagnau
Germany - Baden - Lake Constance

Exceptional wines mature on the vine slopes of the Hagnau winegrowers' association. The vines of the old ... more

Winery Thomas Harteneck
Germany - Baden

We do not produce off-the-shelf wines, but rather expressive natural wines that are easy to drink. You s ... more

Ecological wine & sparkling wine Norbert Helde
Germany - Baden - Kaiserstuhl

Rich in tradition, ecological, quality-oriented. These three characteristics determine our daily ... more

Herzer Winery
Germany - Saale-Unstrut

Founded in 1992, young winery on Saale-Unstrut in the historic 4-sided courtyard, the vineyards are in th ... more

Hirschmugl - Domaene am Seggauberg
Austria - Styria

A wonderful view, wild flowers and herbs, dense forests and powerful vines ... more

Víno Hladký
Slovakia - Malokarpatská - Little Carpathians

Hofloessnitz Winery
Germany - Saxony

Let yourself be indulged in the Hoflößnitz, the first certified organic winery in the new ... more

Vino Hruska sro
Czech Republic - Morava (Moravia) - Znojemská

IG Weinbau Herten
Germany - Baden - Markgräflerland

Johanneshof Winery
Germany - Rheinhessen

We run a family business which is located in the heart of Rheinhessen at the foot of the Petersberg. The ... more

Keth Winery
Germany - Rheinhessen

Near Worms in Rheinhessen, the Keth family has been running ... more

Klopfer Winery
Germany - Württemberg-Remstal

Alfred Knauff Erben Winery
Germany - Palatinate

Winegrowing tradition for 250 years. Family business in the 8th generation with vineyard ownership in the best ... more

Austria - Lower Austria

WINZER KREMS is Austria's most important quality wine producer and most successful provider of ... more

Kullabergs Vingård
Sweden - Skane

Our marine climate on the cape with the mountain Kullaberg at the tip has a great impact on temperat ... more
Germany - Baden - Lake Constance

Organic winery Roland & Karin Lenz
Switzerland - German Switzerland

21 ha of which 12 % biodiversity areas, 60 % Piwi varieties, a total of 34 different grape varieties, ... more

Leonhard Weine Linsenmeier
Germany - Baden - Markgräflerland

Wine enjoyment out of love for nature - excellent top quality wines of European format. Cultivation of ... more

Liebich Winery
Germany - Baden - Ortenau

Denmark - Syddanmark

Viticulture Dr. Lindicke
Germany - Saale-Unstrut

On 7.6 hectares of Brandenburg sand, we produce our 20 different wines with 10 grape varieties on 2 locations. more

Winery Louis Klein GbR
Germany - Moselle

In our organic farm we grow not only classic grape varieties but also various Piwi grape varieties. At ... more

Germany - Baden - Lake Constance

Wine growing Mariazell
Switzerland - Central Switzerland

Biovin Martin
Switzerland - Western Switzerland - Lake Biel

Mauser Winery
Austria - Weinviertel

Abhof sales: every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and at any time by prior appointment. Further ... more

Weingut Mehofer - Neudeggerhof
Austria - Wagram

The Mehofer family has lived and worked at the Neudeggerhof for more than 300 years. Your home ... more

Wine manufacturer Alois Metz
Germany - Palatinate

Vineyard area 0.25 ha, garage winemakers each 50 % Solaris and Cabaret Noir ... more

Weinbau Meyer
Switzerland - Lucerne

In St. Erhard am Santenberg with a view of the Mauensee and the Wauwilermoos, Ruedi Meyer conducts a ... more

Vinselekt Michlovsky, as
Czech Republic - Morava / Moravia

Our participation in the creation of wine, that perfect product of the surrounding countryside, is f ... more

Mohr-Gutting organic winery
Germany - Palatinate

What is still fascinating in the wine scene today are individualists who make wines according to their taste, tem ... more

Germany - Palatinate

Nove Lune
Italy - Lombardy

“Nove Lune è il punto di arrivo e di partenza del mio percorso che attraverso la vit ... more

Organic farm Anna Paradeiser
Austria - Wagram

Our great love, viticulture, can be documented in our family until 1615 ... more

Organic wine yard Alfred Paradeiser
Austria - Wagram

Our great love, viticulture, can be documented in our family until 1615 ... more

Organic viticulture Peter Paradeiser
Austria - Wagram

We understand organic viticulture as a passion and cultivate it in harmony with nature. Since the ... more

Austria - Styria

"MY COUNTRY SHOWS WHO I AM"! Manuel Ploder Here in the volcanic region of Styria ... more

posch. Wine good for reading
Austria - Styria

Waiting for Merlot A wine good for reading surprises at the Hollerberg with reading cellar ... more

Proidl Karl
Austria - Kremstal

St. Quirinus
Italy - Alto Adige / South Tyrol

In the midst of vineyards, on a proud hill with a view of Lake Caldaro: Here you can ... more

Ecological winery Rabenhof
Germany - Baden - Kaiserstuhl

For over 280 years, our family has been growing wine on the volcanic slopes of western ... more

Räblus viticulture
Switzerland - Western Switzerland - Lake Biel

BioWeingut Raser-Bayer
Austria - Carnuntum

Organic winery Raser-Bayer: Good for people and grapes Family cohesion and an intimate ... more

Rattey Castle
Germany - Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

Germany - Württemberg

Weingut REBHOF Ulrike and Oliver Schaugg International award-winning wines and innovative art, dear ... more

Roth Winery
Germany - Franconia

The Roth winery has been a family business in Wiesenbronn (Franke ... more

Weinbau Ruppert
Germany - Franconia

We are a small family business that is driven and operated by two idealists. What un ... more

Wijngaard Saalhof
Netherlands - North Holland

Winemaker Rafael Schacher
Switzerland - Central Switzerland

Viticulture Schmid Stingelin
Switzerland - Northern Switzerland

We cultivate a vineyard with 0.6 hectares in Nuglar, canton Solothurn. Main varieties are Cab ... more

Schödler Winery
Switzerland - Aargau

We are an innovative family business and produce our wines with a lot of passion and ... more

SCHÖLLER - Wine & Analytics
Germany - Rheinhessen

Winegrower in Bodenheim / Rheinhessen. All products are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. The mourning ... more

Schönhals Winery
Germany - Rheinhessen

Our winery is located in the heart of Rheinhessen. The vineyards are located around Biebelnheim. Fruit ... more

Bioland winery Schwarztrauber
Germany - Palatinate

We have been a member of the Bioland Association for 29 years and maintain our vineyards according to ... more

Singer-Bader Winery
Germany - Württemberg

To the WEINKORB vinotheque and the winery Since 2014, the WEINKORB vinotheque in Korb has been offering ... more

Skærsøgaard Vin
Denmark - Jutland

The wine estate is located by the lake of Skærsø in Dons close to Kolding. Skærsøgaard is Denma ... more

Cantina Sociale di Trento SCA
Italy - Trentino

Il 17 ottobre 1956 fu registrato a Trento l'atto notarile con cui 11 agricoltori della città decise ... more

Södåkra Vingård
Sweden - Skane

Producer of white wine - dry wine and semi dry wine. So produces rosé wine. Wine sold local ... more

Hofgut Sonnenschein - Bürgin
Germany - Baden - Markgräflerland

HOFGUT SONNENSCHEIN The Hofgut in Fischingen is a family business, which has been operating for a second ... more

Stairs n 'Roses
Germany - Moselle

Stairs n 'Roses Next Generation. Into the next generation of viticulture. Kinh has been growing ... more

Winery at the Steinig table
Switzerland - German Switzerland

Innovative - traditional - close to nature Handmade and awarded Weingut am S ... more

Italy - Alto Adige / South Tyrol

Viticulture Anja Stritzinger Klingenberg
Germany - Franconia

In this city steeped in history is our organic winegrowing company that was founded in 1972 with the ... more

Weingärtner Stromberg-Zabergäu eG
Germany - Württemberg

At the Stromberg-Zabergäu vineyards, vineyards from Brackenheim, Neipperg, Haberschla ... more

Ökoweingut Stutz
Germany - Württemberg

The name Stutz was first mentioned in the 15th century. Our ancestor, Wundarz ... more

Tamborini Vini SA
Switzerland - Italian Switzerland - Ticino

In 1944 Carlo Tamborini founded the wine growing and trading company Tamborini with headquarters ... more

Terre di Ger
Italy - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Weingut am Thalsbach
Germany - Baden

In the middle of the sunny Kraichgau on the Badische Weinstrasse lies the Weingut am Thalsbach, the first ... more

Chateau Thivin
France - Beaujolais

Château Thivin, un petit château de taille humaine, au pieds du Mont Brouilly, est un domaine fami ... more

Organic winery Georg Thünauer
Austria - Styria

Our winery was founded in 1989 by Johann and Margit Thünauer. Right from the start ... more

Vollmayer Winery
Germany - Baden - Lake Constance

Jürgen Walz winery
Germany - Baden - Kaiserstuhl

Helmut Weber winery
Germany - Rheinhessen

Would you like to get to know wines beyond Riesling and Pinot Noir, then you are right with us ... more

Wimberger Winery
Austria - Weinviertel

In our unique wine-living room, an architectural unique barrel vault, deg ... more

Weinhof winter
Germany - Saale-Unstrut

Part-time business with the expansion of pleasing, mostly dry and slightly bitter wines with h ... more

WeinWobar from Großräschener See
Germany - Brandenburg

We have been making wine with passion since 2012 on the steepest vineyard in Brandenburg with 30 to 33 percent ... more

Weingut Wohlgemuth-Schnürr
Germany - Rheinhessen

For more than ten years we have been working intensively on fungus-resistant grape varieties ... more

Weineum Yeltsberg
Austria - Styria

We are career changers in this industry. Through my job as an advertising consultant and PR manager (advertising ... more

Zang organic winery
Germany - Franconia

With us you can experience wines that are on the edge of the wine market, because the mainstream inte ... more

Viticulture Zelglihof
Switzerland - Aargau

The Zelglihof is 380 m above sea level. M., above the moated castle of Switzerland, at the confluence of ... more

Doubt 1898
Switzerland Zurich

The first doubt Rebberg in Zurich-Höngg is mentioned in 1440. In 1898 the two founded ... more