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posch. Wine good for reading
Austria - Styria

Winery description:

Waiting for Merlot

A wine good for reading will surprise you on Hollerberg with its reading cellar and well-read picnic areas with a view

A winemaker, a book and a glass of red wine with a lot of leisure. Waiting for Merlot is just as hopeless as the allusion to the title and yet one of the many humorous wine names in the winery's wine program, which thinks and acts like a publisher and wants to live up to its name with literary texts on the bottles. Surprised by the variety of wines, the guest, like the winemaker, could lie down on the grass with a book from the reading cellar and enjoy it with the wine. Books and wines have the same value and sometimes the same weight for the winemaker couple Andrea and Andreas Posch. Together they want to promote reading and associate it with wine. The reading cellar wine shop in the old vaulted cellar has been the in-house library and vinotheque since 2018.

Place for wine. Reading space. Time for leisure.

At Hollerberg in Eastern Styria, the winemaker couple created a place that offers space for reading and allows selected wines to be experienced around the clock. The reading cellar is a place where you can read about the wine and in the wine, explains the voice as we enter the old vaulted cellar. So a library on the vineyard. Wine good for reading is not only there where literary texts on the wine labels convey the selected wines to the reader, but also where exquisite books and well-read wine bottles are on the same shelf, well-read picnic areas can be found in the Hollerberg vineyard and the in-house Library replaces the vinotheque. There you can find the right books for the wines, read them, take them with you or leave a book for someone else. It's an open place. Something completely new. What is also new is that you can browse the intoxicating variety of excellent wines, juices and products from Andreas Posch's wine cellar there 24 hours a day. And not only that. The wine of the month can be enjoyed without hesitation. One should not be able to overlook the note, just as one cannot escape the boundless view of the Eastern Styrian hill country from the breathtaking panorama terrace.

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