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Austria - Lower Austria

Winery description:

WINZER KREMS is Austria's most important quality wine producer and most successful supplier of classic Austrian varieties and single-vineyard wines. The roots go back to the oldest tusk guild in the German-speaking area, to the "Hauerinnung Krems und Stein" first mentioned in 1447.


The member vintners work their vineyards in a natural way, according to the guidelines of controlled integrated production. Only hand-picked grapes are processed according to an exact harvesting plan, separated according to grape types, quality levels and origins. The gentle pneumatic juicing is carried out according to the most modern knowledge as whole grape pressing. A temperature-controlled fermentation followed by expansion in steel tanks is the basis for particularly pure, delicately fruity wines with a classic varietal character and the highest level of digestibility.

Our wines
Donauriesling Sommelier - 2019 - Big gold Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Donauriesling "Sommelier" - 2018 - Gold Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Donauriesling "Sommelier" - 2017 - Gold Evaluation sheet according to PAR
DONAURIESLING "Sommelier" - 2016 - silver Evaluation sheet according to PAR

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