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State winery Laimburg
Italy - Alto Adige / South Tyrol

Winery description:

The Laimburg wine estate is part of the test center of the same name. As a model company of the South Tyrolean wine industry, its core competence lies in the viticulture and cellar economic experimentation, which is supported by the in-house production of high-quality wines. All grapes used for this come from the state's own vineyards; These are spread over around 20 hectares of vineyards in various wine-growing zones in South Tyrol and have different soils and locations between 200 and 750 m above sea level. d. M. on.

The 90,000 bottles of Laimburg quality wine are matured in two wine lines according to the characteristics: The "Gutsweine" are traditional vintage wines typical of the grape variety, matured in stainless steel or large oak barrels. The wines of the "Burgselektion" are individual wines, mainly matured or selected in oak barrels, whose names go back to the Ladin legends of the Dolomites. The state winery is a member of the Tirolensis Ars Vini, the association of South Tyrolean quality wine yards, which under the sign of the Tatzelwurm are also committed to the highest visual quality.

In the late 1980s, the Laimburg estate created additional space for storing barrels and wine bottles by expanding it into the red porphyry rock of the neighboring Mitterberg. In addition to the barrel and bottle storage cellars, the so-called 300 m² rock cellar was built. This serves for the exchange between wine experts, media representatives, restaurateurs and to maintain the wine culture.

Our wines
Mitterberg White - 2019
Mitterberg White - 2019
Pustrissa - 2015 - silver Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Pustrissa Mitterberg White - 2014 - silver Evaluation sheet according to PAR
Solaris - 2013 - silver Evaluation sheet according to PAR

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