The registration phase has started; Registration deadline for the PAR® Tasting is October 15, 2021.

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Frasdorf, August 2021 - With the last 15 participating countries, the PIWI International Wine Award is a permanent fixture in the calendar of the world of wine. In order to take this into account by name, the organizing association PIWI International eV has now renamed the quality competition: International PIWI Wine Award it will now have the same name worldwide, and from WINE SYSTEM - Trust your Senses to PAR® Standard oriented. Wines made from fungus-resistant (PIWI) grape varieties of any origin and style are permitted, which traditionally goes hand in hand with a great sensory diversity. PIWI International relies on the specially trained jury from PAR in order to meet it objectively and to show every wine the appropriate appreciation® Master tasters: inside. Their methodical approach not only enables comprehensible evaluations; it also provides producers with usable data for their quality management.

Not least because of the extreme weather, which is making the climate crisis more and more noticeable in viticulture, fungus-resistant varieties are on the advance worldwide. PIWI International eV is convinced that they will not only be able to cope with the climate of the future, but can also make a decisive contribution to the regeneration of ecosystems. For this reason, the association has been promoting the exchange between research, breeding and viticulture for over 20 years - as well as communication with consumers. Because the success of the “new” varieties stands and falls with their acceptance and enthusiasm. The International PIWI Wine Award is an event that puts the focus on the PIWIs every year and proves again and again: With the right know-how, they produce great wines that are in no way inferior to their well-known ancestors.

Differentiated evaluations - even when things get complex

The tasting method of choice at the International PIWI Wine Award is traditionally PAR®. Their analytical and documentary approach enables the examiners to face the diversity of such a competition objectively and beyond simple comparative tests. Every wine submitted receives a comprehensible documentation of its sensory and oenological properties, which are always evaluated in relation to its origin, climate, type of manufacture and marketability. In this way, a reductive, fruity white wine that has been developed according to international modern style also achieves an objective assessment and appreciation, as does a traditionally crafted terroir wine or an original orange wine.

All further information as well as the uncomplicated online registration is available at

Additional information on the tasting format

Should the pandemic require it, the International PIWI Wine Award 2021 will be held again as an online tasting. For this purpose, the PAR® Certified Masters jury all wines submitted according to climatic, stylistic and analytical parameters, thematically assigned, anonymized and numbered before they are unpacked on site and presented to the jurors in a fixed order. As in the PAR®-Methodology provided, the examiners also work online in teams of two who first taste each wine separately before the result is discussed and only recorded after a consensus has been reached.

Background information:

WINE SYSTEM - Trust your Senses is with the three fields of activity consultation, training and PAR® Quality competitions Since 1999 competent partner for winegrowers, retailers and specialist audiences in the field of wine and sensor technology. The company has been under the management of the board members Brigitte Wüstinger and Martin Darting since 2019 and has been holding well-known quality competitions for wine for many years - including the INTERNATIONAL ORGANIC WINE AWARD, the WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL, the PiGUNDY WINE AWARD INTERNATIONAL, the International PIWI Wine Award and many smaller competitions. The WINE SYSTEM database with over 40,000 wines is the basis for the PAR rating system developed by Martin Darting®. It is valued in the professional world as a comprehensive information portal and serves as an important tool in many areas.

PIWI International eV promotes the exchange of information between research institutes, breeders, vine refiners and the growers of PIWI vines. In recent years, numerous fungus-resistant grape varieties have found their way into practice, some of them only on a trial basis. There is a great need for information about these grape varieties on the part of the winemakers. This includes detailed descriptions of their properties, instructions for optimal winemaking, tastings, discussion of marketing issues and information for consumers. In addition to holding conferences and regional working groups, the initiation of the annual international PIWI wine award is an essential part of PIWI International's activities. President: Alexander Morandell.


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