Which fungus-resistant grape varieties are there and what does PIWI Wine taste like?

It is still an insider tip in the wine world - but more and more wine enthusiasts are discovering the "new wines"and getting enthusiastic about them.

There are now a large number of new varieties that produce very different wines with their own character. The journey of discovery is exciting and full of new taste experiences.

We have compiled a small overview with description and food recommendation of the "new varieties" for you. Have fun on your journey of discovery!

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Crossing:Sirius x Vidal blanc
Origin:Julius Kühn Institute, Institute for Vine Breeding Geilweilerhof, Siebeldingen, Germany

Sensory description
Bouquet characterized by floral aromas, which in some years are combined with a subtle, pleasant muscat tone; Wine with harmonious acidity; often matures to late and selection quality.

Variety characteristics
Large loose grapes with medium-sized berries. Also recommended as a table grape because of the good taste properties of the golden yellow berries.

1984: Crossing 1988ff: selection and testing in the breeding stages 2000: registration for variety protection 2004: granting of variety protection 2015: registration for the variety list