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Markus Busch organic winery
Germany - Moselle

Winery description:

The Markus Busch winery is located in Pünderich on the Middle Moselle and has been family-owned for generations. Markus Busch has been working in the company since 2000 after graduating as a viticulture technician and took over in 2005.
The vineyards have been cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner since then. A good way to get a feel for organic viticulture.
The vineyards have been cultivated organically since autumn 2014. Markus Busch: “We see our goal and our task in conveying a love of wine and nature to our customers. We achieve this, for example, via the holiday opportunity in our holiday apartments on site, via Facebook and via our "steep slope project", which was initiated in 2004. Here you can purchase a "journey ticket" for a vineyard plot and will always be informed by email about the current status of things in the cellar or vineyard.

Our wines
2020 Muscaris semi-dry - 2020

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