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Stairs n 'Roses
Germany - Moselle

Winery description:
Stairs n 'Roses Next Generation. Into the next generation of viticulture. Anti-authoritarian (wild), fungus-resistant (strong) vines of the next generation - Cabernet blanc and Sauvignac (formerly Cal 6-04) have been growing in Kinheim an der Moselle in the Stairs n 'Roses "wild & strong-Weinberg". The result: a dry wine experience with a harmonious balance between exotic fruit and vegetable flavor. Found and sealed by the footprint of the next generation of winegrowers.

Our wines
Stairs n 'Roses Next Generation (Cabernet blanc & Sauvignac) - 2019
Stairs n 'Roses Next Generation (Cabernet blanc & Sauvignac) - 2018

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