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Haimel winery
Austria - Traisental

Winery description:

First mentioned in a document in 1815, the company has been in the family for generations.

In the large Parapluiberg & Venusberg sites in the Traisental, we cultivate our vineyards with a lot of love and dedication. The location of the individual vineyards on loess and conglomerate soils reflect the distinctive character of Haimel wines every year. The climate in the Traisental is characterized by cool nights and warm days. This constellation promotes the development of typical, fine fruit aromas.

Time does not stand still!
We make our decisions in the choice of varieties based on scientific knowledge, combined with forward-looking and responsible action for the future.
Since 2017 we have been cultivating fungus-resistant varieties - PiWi's
The varieties Donauriesling, Donauveltliner, Souvignier Gris and Pinot Nova enrich our range. They underline the sustainable idea in the natural habitat of the vineyard.
They allow us to cool distinctive, first-class wines with a lot of potential. Traditional and modern - at the Heuriger in the winery, the guest can enjoy our wine specialties and home-made culinary delights.

About us:

We, the Haimel family, are a special team.

Renate Haimel, viticulture and cellar master, Master of Science in ecological green space management, is responsible for the manufacture of all products in the winery.
She is a committed winemaker. She lovingly looks after her vineyards and is interested in everything new. Professionalism with a special flair for detail - these are her strengths.
In 1987 she took over her parents' business and left nothing as it was. With verve and vigor, she began to realize her plans and thus a model company was created in the Traisental in recent years.

Her husband Andreas takes care of the business. He maintains customer contact, organizes, delivers and sells. Andreas is a Heurigen host with heart and soul and is dedicated to his guests and customers.

The three children Simone, Andreas and Ida were there from an early age, whether in the vineyard, cellar or wine tavern. There is nothing that the youngsters have not been confronted with.
Today Simone is a doctor at the St. Pölten University Hospital. Andreas, a carpentry specialist, works in the regional road administration in Lower Austria. Ida, the youngest, is studying "international wine business" at the IMC in Krems. In addition to her studies, she is gaining valuable experience working with the master winemaker.
When it’s unplugged in the winery, our children actively and happily support their parents’s business.

Together, the family appreciates excellent cuisine, very good wine and they like to go to the Heurigen themselves.

Our wines
Donauveltliner Jungfernlese - 2020
Souvignier Gris - 2020
Donauriesling - 2019

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