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Winery 2H
Germany - Franconia

Winery description:

We are a young winery in the hinterland of Lake Constance. Since 2018 we have only been growing Pioneer Wines. Solaris, Cabernet Carol, Muscaris and Sauvitage, among others, grow in our ecologically run operation. The siliceous end moraine soil of our region gives our wines their special aroma. In terms of climate, the Alps close to the sea, with their fall winds and the warm foehn, ensure that the rows of vines dry out and warm up quickly - so we can completely do without plant protection measures. At the same time, we increase or maintain the resistance of the vines through the targeted use of tonics. Our donkeys do the rest: they provide a wonderful fertilizer full of earthworms, which we apply to the vines in spring and which, together with the wild strawberries growing under the vines, ensures absolutely healthy vines. Our goal is the sustainable production of organic wines, which for us also includes the recycling of bottles, closures and packaging.   

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