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Ca 'Apollonio Società Agricola ss
Italy - Veneto

Winery description:

A resistant alternative!

PIWI winery - Ca 'Apollonio - Romano D'Ezzelino - Italy



An innovative project that leaves nothing to chance.

The project was made thanks to the vision of Maria Pia Viaro Vallotto (Shareholder of the renowned company Vimar, Market leader in the field of intelligent building control and electronics) and Massimo Vallotto (Architect in the field of sustainable building) Launched 6 years ago.

The operation extends over 18 Hectares, of which 7ha are dedicated to viticulture (1ha in preparation) and the rest to horticulture and the cultivation of olive and fruit trees.

The arrangement, plant size, geometry and training method in the winery were carefully studied and planned, always with the focus on the highest quality.

Ca 'Apollonio is the largest wine-growing company in Europe, which is implementing a new PIWI project of this scale. In addition, an own winery is being built.

The technical implementation of the facility, taking into account the special forms of education for the innovative varieties, and the objectives of the winery are under the management of Marzio Zanin, Pruning master. Is an oenologist in the company Nicola Biasi (best young oenologist 2020 for the Vinoway Association).

Both the zero pesticide approach and the consideration of the physiology of the vine lead to a significant reduction in mineral fertilizers in the varieties: Souvignier Gris, Johanniter, Bronner, Regent, Cabernet Eidos.

The The first bottles of wine have already aroused keen interest: the Souvignier Gris 2020 has received the award “vino novità dell'anno 2020” (novelty year 2020) in the course of the “Food and Travel Italia Awards” in the course of the “Golosaria” (culinary festival) under the best 100 Italian wines listed.

In addition to the wine shop for the marketing of the wines, a first-class 5-star boutique hotel with gourmet cuisine is also planned, which rounds off the food and wine offer.

Ca 'Apollonio is a showcase for alternative viticulture, a viticulture that is already current in harmony with nature and the environment is feasible.



Our wines
3-6-9 - 2020 - silver Evaluation sheet according to PAR

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