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Müneck winery
Germany - Württemberg

Winery description:

With a vineyard on the southern edge of Schönbuch in a terraced steep slope, planted with 2ar Pinot Noir, that became Müneck private winery Established in 2003.

Initially, it was pressed in the home cellar. With the acquisition and renovation of the historic farmhouse in the center of Breitenholz, the private winery with cellar, wine press and barn in Müneckstraße was set up in 2005.

In the following years, additional vineyards were planted and acquired. The private winery has been operated together with Claudia Schmucker-Arold and her Breitenholzer steep slopes for over 10 years. Today almost 1 hectare of historic terraced vineyards are planted with both traditional and fungus-resistant grape varieties (PIWI).

Our connection to nature together with the desire to contribute to the preservation of the cultural landscape obliges us to look after the vineyards with the utmost care. This applies to the ground, stick, leaves, grapes, plant and walls. When harvesting, the grapes are selectively picked according to their degree of ripeness and quality.

Our goal is to create distinctive wines that are naturally produced. All of the press and cellar work is done by hand. The particularly gentle processing of the grapes preserves the quality from the vineyard. Depending on the quality of the young wines, they are aged in new or old barriques.

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