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Chiquet-Les vins
Switzerland - Northern Switzerland

Winery description:
Ecological viticulture on the Farnsberg and Sunnenberg. The respect for nature, the interest in biodiversity and botany, the affinity for plant cultivation and the joy in rich wines as well as the knowledge about the constant improvement of the climatic conditions for the vine were the inspiration for our decision in 2005 to found a wine company in the upper Basel area. Our strategy: "Organic viticulture (almost) without spray" In our own vineyards, only grape varieties that are largely resistant to the most common diseases and achieve very good tasting ratings should be available. We strive for vine growing as far as possible without crop protection. We are convinced that the market today wants new wines that come from far more ecological cultivation than organic wine has to date. From January 2012 we are a BIO operation in transition and are subject to regular control by BIOINSPECTA.

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