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The Franconian Viticulture Association, the Franconian Wine Association and the LWG have developed a suitable format for the traditional regional assemblies and Veitshöchheim Wine Management Days. As part of an "online seminar series", the latest research results, market information as well as current and interesting information from politics are passed on to the winegrowers. The online seminars will be offered from January 19th on Tuesday evenings (1-1.5 hours; in the carnival week on Thursday) up to and including March 2nd. Each event focuses on one topic. Despite the Corona restrictions, important and current information about viticulture and cellar management can be presented to the winemakers. Participation is usually free of charge.

Online event every Tuesday at 6 p.m., online access will be announced in due course


February 18, 2021 (Thursday) Possibilities for reducing pesticides
(PiWi tasting)
Technical possibilities for saving pesticides Burkard Graber, LWG
Mushroom-resistant grape varieties (Piwis) Beate Leopold, Franconian winegrowing ring
PiWi tasting workshop registration is no longer possible only with registration