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Österreich - Steiermark

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WINE BY PLODER - ROSENBERG The Ploder – Rosenberg winery is situated in St. Peter in the Styrian "Vulkanland". The family, together with their involved employees, cultivate 12.5 ha vineyards. Key locations are Alte Riede, Eichholz, Michlkeller, Kreuzfeld, Luttenberg, Kapellen, Steinriede and Mitteregg. In addition 3 ha of biologically cultivated vineyards are processed from longterm partner Robert Lieschnegg. "When we make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen." Three differently ranges of wine create diversity and present manifold styles of wine. STEIERMARK KLASSIK: 70 % of production, dry, tantalisingly light, fruity Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muscatel, Pinot Gris, Souvignier Gris & Muscaris. In the case of red wine the reduction is effected on Blauer Zweigelt, Pinot Noir and Regent (Piwi). The renowned figurehead of the business are the exceptionally Vulkanland premium wines LINE A: Linea Sauvignon Blanc, Linea Pinot Gris, Linea Grüner Veltliner, Eruption Weiss, Linea Souvignier Gris & Eruption Rot are characterised by their long yeast contact as well as long term storage in toasted 600 l Stettin wooden barrels. With many vertical draft, minerality and expressive complexity these wines impress the palate and leave a lingering taste. Pure pleasure with each individually successful, these highly valued RESERVE WINES: Linea Chardonnay Reserve, Linea Sauvignon Blanc Reserve, Linea Pinot Noir Reserve & Linea Blauer Zweigelt Reserve are the forerunners of our ARCHAIC AMBER WINES (ORANGE): "incarnate works of wine"– whole berry fermentation, matured and stored preferably in amphorae and specially manufactured earthen eggs. This results in high quality, colour intensive, multidimensional works of wine such as Aero, Tero, Fejro & Maro. Our collection is enhanced with Pinot Gris Trockenbeerenauslese. "Joy, power and energy!" With passion, power and perseverance we have reached the top league of Austrian winemakers. Our wines get the required barrel and bottle ripeness which contributes to their optimum development. More and more wine lovers are looking for the added value in enjoyment and digestibility which decelerated wines offer. “From every creature in the world we are inspired. We perceive imagination and feel our own intuition. That’s the reason why we at Ploder – Rosenberg strive for holistic biodynamic agriculture so that both spiritual participation as well as concerns on earth and the higher cosmic powers correspond to a l(o)ivable world”. Here also the context of winery, architecture and presentation of the biodynamic handcrafted masterpieces of creation. Cellar & wine store integrate simply & functionally in the local way of life. Ongoing artistic presentations which we have initiated and integrated into our programme ensure "joie de vivre", value and further development including that of self-reliance. "Desire determines our action; We love challenges and pick out priorities. We have interesting companions on our journey – inexhaustible tasks with the most fascinating of solutions“! Take advantage of this high level of transparency for you, because it’s all about awareness. "Everything flows!“

our wines
VIVAS - 2018
BLANCA - 2017
Gelber Muskateller - 2017
Grauburgunder - 2017
KARA - 2017
Sauvignon Blanc - 2017
BLANCA - 2016
Grauburgunder - 2016
Linea Grüner Veltliner - 2016
Muskateller - 2016
Sauvignon Blanc - 2016
BLANCA - 2015
Linea Chardonnay - 2015
Linea Sauvignon Blanc - 2015
Muscaris - 2015
Grauburgunder - 2014
Muscaris - 2014
Sauvignon blanc - 2014
Weissburgunder - 2014
Weissburgunder - 2014
BLANCA - 2013
Grauburgunder - 2013
Morillon - 2013
Muscaris - 2013
Sauvignon blanc - 2013
Souvignier Gris - 2013
Weissburgunder - 2013
Linea Sauvignon Blanc - 2012
Pinot Noir - 2011
Pinot Noir - 2011
Purpur - 2011
Linea Pinot Gris - 2010
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